What Fernhead Publishing is looking for in an author

You are committed to your dreams and willing to do the hard work to get your offering in print. You are prepared to share your manuscript draft, so we can work together to fulfill on your vision. You’re ready to work with an illustrator or already have illustrations / photos and cover design digitized. Your book and your being fit our philosophy for healing, self improvement and a better world for all.

What we can do for you

Whether you’re an author or an artist, that whole “business” thing may not be very appealing. Fernhead Publishing can provide you with services to get you online or in print, and looking like a work of art yourself.

Everything Design

Work with Lisa Yvonne for your eye catching cover, title, & interior layout designs. Ready for your children’s story to be illustrated? Contact Lisa here.

  • Cover Design $600 *
  • Illustrations / per image $100 *
  • Interior Layout Design $1600 *

One Sheet Design and Business Card Design

Hone your message, and bring focus to your offerings with a Professionally Designed Speaker/Author One Sheet to print or email; or post on your website and Social Media for potential clients and interviewers, for speaking engagements & conferences.

  • One on one consult with Lisa to discuss your offering and vision $75
  • Finished One Sheet .pdf ready to email or print $150

Publishing Services -Ala Carte

Self-publishing? Pick & pay for only the Fernhead Publishing Services you need!

  1. eBook formatting for general distribution ePub & kindle ePub
  2. File Creation & Setup with Ingram Spark (POD & Distribution) for eBook files, hard cover & paperback print files
  3. File Creation & Setup with Amazon & Kindle (Book & eBook Distribution) for eBook files
  4. File formatting for Paper Back & Hard Cover, interactive .pdf for emailing review copies
  5. Front & Back Matter: Copyright page, Author & Bio pages Copyright submission process. ISBN & Bar code assignments, Retail book pricing, Library cataloguing, Dewey Decimal, Library of Congress submission
  6. Illustrations, Interior layout design with In-Design
  7. One Sheet (Speaker / Author)
  8. Proof reading & Editing
  9. Review processes for interior layout, cover designs.
  10. Reviewer process for adding testimonials, templates provided
  11. Scheduling, time tables & planning, next right steps


    • 3 hours $150
    • 5 hours $225
    • 12 hours $500
    • 25 hours $1000 *

Individual Services:

    • Cover Design $600 *
    • Create your eBook $1600 *
    • Editing $1600 *
    • Illustrations / per image $100 *
    • Interior Layout Design $1600 *
    • Letter Head Design $100
    • Library Numbers $200 *
    • One Sheet Consult & Design $225 *
    • Business Card Design $100 *
    • Shipping labels (To / From) Design $100 *

* Included in Fernhead Custom package

Note: Scope of work beyond basic services above^^ may increase prices

Visit here to see our published books!


Publishing Services Custom Packages

Overwhelmed by all the moving parts? Request a Fernhead Publishing custom quote. Enjoy your personalized publishing process with your expert & personable publishing consultant supporting & guiding you every step of the way with timelines, next steps, scheduling, meetings, and everything needed to get your book into form.

Illustrations ‘gratus’ as reciprocal pairing with Author’s story for custom packages. Setup a consultation here.

PLUS custom packages include business cards, mailing labels, Author One Sheet; all with your vision in mind. Turn your manuscript draft and dream of having your offering in physical form. Your Book, Here, Now!

  • 100 hours (20-40 pages, 20-30 illustrations) Children’s book $6000-$8000
  • 200+ hours (50-100 page, 40-50 illustrations) Children’s book $9000-$11,000
  • 100+ hours (50-200 pages) Fiction or Non-Fiction book $6000-$8000

Visit here to see our published books!

Professional photography

Work with Mark Najjar of Atlanta Studios Photography and Video (Georgia) for a comprehensive photo shoot. He will capture your inner divine self with images that let your natural light shine!

Your Book in Fernhead Publishing’s Shop 

Fernhead Authors will have an Author Bio and Books in our store (USA purchases only). Print run costs & Fernhead Publishing Royalties are paid up front by the Author. You, the Author, will receive 100% of the proceeds, recouping ALL up front print costs in addition to your Royalties as you sell your books. Small quantity orders encouraged!

Note: ALL prepaid investment (Fernhead Royalty + Print/Ship costs) will be recouped100% – 130% when you sell your books with FernheadPublishing.com/shop. Author will fulfill book orders and customer shipping costs will be reimbursed. ALL monies received by Fernhead Publishing will be paid directly to Author (after minor admin fees).

Books will also be available on Ingram Spark’s POD (Print on Deman) world wide distribution system, along with Amazon & Kindle distribution channels, and all on-line book sellers. Royalties from POD services split 50/50 between Author & FHP.

Book-signing Event Support and a Personalized ‘kick-start’ Publicity List

Personalize Fernhead Publishing’s General Publicity List. Brainstorm with us and make it your own. A great kick-start document to get you in front of your target audience, building your tribe with book signings and speaking engagements, according to your vision.

Your book and your expertise as an Author, will open doors to interviews, being a podcast guest, speaking as an expert at conferences and universities, and will give you more opportunities to sell your book!


Fernhead Publishing

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