What Fernhead Publishing is looking for in an author

You are committed to your dreams and willing to do the hard work to get your offering in print. You are prepared to share your business / marketing plan, so we can work together to fulfill on your vision. Your draft is ready (typically minimum 10,000 words), illustrations / photos and cover design are digitized. Your book and your being fit our philosophy for healing, self improvement and a better world for all.

What we can do for you

Whether you’re an author or an artist, that whole “business” thing may not be very appealing. Fernhead Publishing can provide you with services to get you online or in print, and looking like a work of art yourself.

Book Cover design

Work with Michael Tanamachi for your cover design. Contact Michael here.

Editing services

When you’re ready to enrich your writing, contact Barbara Ardinger for her help as your editor. Even if you don’t live near Barbara (California), you can send her an email and work with her through email. Easy enough!

Visit here to read more about Barbara and to learn how she can help you.

Marketing services tailored for you

Work with Fernhead Publishing to build a marketing plan with your vision to set your strategy and put the next right steps in place to promote your work.

Professional photography

Work with Mark Najjar of Atlanta Studios Photography and Video (Georgia) for a comprehensive photo shoot. He will capture your inner divine self with images that let your natural light shine!

Publishing guidance

Create a partnership with Fernhead Publishing as you walk together through the steps of publishing. Receive your ISBN, UPC barcodes, copyright, Library of Congress and Dewey Decimal categorizations. Or, do as much as you want solo, with the guidance of Fernhead Publishing helping along the way.

Visit here to see our published books!

Signing-event services

As part of your marketing plan, work with Fernhead Publishing on events that will put you in front of your target audience, helping build your tribe with book signings and speaking engagements, according to your vision.


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