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Join Kathy Meenach as she sojourns to an old cabin in the Tennessee mountains to replenish her mind, body and soul. Learn how to create your own experience as you savor her recipes, the cabin and exploring alongside Kathy both in nature and within. Relax and find fulfillment in the simple things. Then begin planning your own sojourn!




Join Margie Sherman in her discovery that she matters. The life-changing events told in a matter-of-fact way challenge the reader to look inside and question whether all is as it seems on the surface. Life is worth living, don’t give up on yourself. Reach out to others. Look within, and know that you matter, too.



Stuck? Assess where you are. Grieve the losses, and discover how your stories impact life choices. Stop listening to the noise in your head and create thriving relationships instead. Through this universal journey of self-discovery, read real-life examples, uncover your stories, and decide what you want. Take baby steps to create relationships of your dreams (with your life partner, your sibling, yourself). Be healing in the world, starting in this moment!


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