Author Ester M. Pereira, PHD

Ester M. Pereira, Ph.D. is a tourism professional who has travelled to more than 120 countries as lecturer, consultant, expedition leader, and as a tourist herself. She is the author of Mariana Travels to the NorthPole.

Illustrated by Lisa Yvonne


First hand experience of different cultures and wild places has given her an awareness of the world’s diversity and a perspective over several decades of how people and places have changed. This knowledge is something she has enthusiastically shared with her students as an instructor of sustainable tourism, as well as with the travel companies for which she has collaborated.


She endeavors to inspire young readers’ curiosity about the world, its peoples, and its natural wonders through Mariana, the series’ main character.


A native of Portugal, Ester now makes her home in St. Augustine, Florida where she lives with her husband and his chickens.


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Author Kathy Meenach

Kathy Meenach (, author of  Sojourns, Anyone? is re-sharing her timeless sojourn experience partnering with Fernhead Publishing. 

Inspired by her travels, Kathy has gained a spiritual connection to different landscapes, people and traditions.  Twelve years ago she took a sojourn to regain some balance in her life.  During this journey she re-discovered herself through the solitude of nature.  She hopes to share these experiences with women and men across the country and inspire them to take a sojourn of their own. 

During these uncertain times of COVID-19 with Kathy as your guide, discover and create your own Sojourns; whether they be from the comfort of your living room or on an intimate retreat.

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Author Margie Sherman

Margie Sherman, author of  Just Don’t Call Me Margaret, shares her inspiring story, offering hope to those who have suffered from depression and/or contemplated suicide.

Margie has always been a seeker. She overcame a childhood full of grief and trauma, yet kept looking for something to make her feel better. Suffering from severe depression, she contemplated suicide numerous times, feeling it was the only way out of her pain. Life offers us choices every day, to give up or to keep going amidst great odds. Margie found a way to keep going, always feeling that there was something, a guardian angel, God, the Universe, something that kept holding her up. Her story is at times stark, poignant and bittersweet. It is also one of inspiration and hope for a better future.

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Artist Henry Scott

Henry Scott, a visual artist and musician based in Birmingham, Alabama, is a prolific creative inspired by meditation, nature, and the inner workings of the soul.

Henry works in the media of pen, ink, colored pencils, pastels, and photography, and has recently been inspired using digital artistry. His recent artistic endeavors include not only digital art and images, but are combined with his musical gifts.

For live performances mixing his art and music, visit his You Tube Channel: HS Creative Center 

To see some of Henry’s art, visit his website, and find him on Facebook.

You can also read more about Henry and his work on Fernhead Publishing’s Coming Up Unstuck website, here

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Author Lisa Yvonne

Lisa Yvonne, author of Coming Up Unstuck, the first in The Fernhead Diaries series takes you through a universal journey of Awareness and Grieving; walking alongside you as you learn to clear out the old so you can create New Growth and live Joyfully. 

Look for the second book in the Fernhead Diaries series, Living Unstuck. Thrive while making conscious choices to feed your soul. For Lisa, Living Unstuck is being with family and friends authentically, traveling and exploring the world. In this time of COVID-19, Lisa will be updating Fernhead Travels Blog so you can travel and explore from the comfort of your home with her.

Lisa strives for personal growth and is committed to healing in the world which starts with making personal choices each of us makes daily. Join her in the universal messages of the life death life cycle, moving through unconscious living, conscious choice, grieving, making room to create joy.

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