Mariana travels to the Northpole

The children’s book series, Adventures of a Suitcase, aims to spark curiosity and inspire children to discover the world beyond their doorstep. Explore and appreciate Earth’s diverse environments and cultures as you travel along with Mariana and her new friends.

Ester M. Pereira, PHD

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1 review for Mariana travels to the Northpole / Hardcopy

  1. Stevie Wooten

    I read this book with my 10-year old grandson. He was ENTHRALLED!!! I am serious! We read until we ran out of time and I had to get him back home. We would get to the “Challenges” at the end of the chapters and he just loved them.

    So, I kept the book here and we made another date for the following Sunday to finish reading it. He was so happy to read about Sam, a character from Seattle, our home town. He was happy that in the end Pinky and Mariana became friends.

    I enjoyed the book as well, and think it’s simply wonderful to be read with a child.

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