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As an artist – whether a musician, writer, visual artist or the like – you have a voice. Fernhead Publishing is here to give you a means of self-expression. To have you be heard, seen, felt. Understood. Your vision is not your business; it’s your being. Go ahead and live your dream. Get published!

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About Fernhead Publishing

You have the vision, a draft, perhaps cover art; with the committed desire to see your dreams manifest here and now. But you’re a writer, not a publisher!

Fernhead Publishing is known for offering professional personalized publishing services and will work with you to make your dream a reality. 

Let US be the means to YOUR offering being in the world. 

What Customers Are Saying

5.0 out of 5 stars-

Coming Up Unstuck

“The poetry and art in this book allowed me to reflect and do some healing of my own

I read this book from start to finish, then came back again and spent some time on specific sections as I was going through my divorce. It spurred my unconscious self to start sorting through some thoughts and feelings about my own journey in life. I understood and identified with some of the same emotions the author so powerfully conveys through her poetry and art. Most of all I got from the book a sense of hope, seeing that she has come out of her own journey of self awareness and discovery to come up unstuck in life.”

Amazon Customer

In my experience, it is vital to start with the right plan, the right team and—above all—the right partner. Like me, Fernhead Publishing believes there are many of you who have a book hidden away on the inside, and all you need is a place to begin. Fernhead Publishing the starting point for your publishing dreams, as they were for mine.You need a partner like Fernhead Publishing. They will save you from many of the headaches and heartaches associated with publishing. These guys care about your message and your success as a writer. I wish I had them in my corner when I was getting started; you’ll be glad you have them in yours”

Lena Marie

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